How to detect mileage rollback – Audi

Rolled back odometer in Audi cars with the system MMI 2G/MMI 2G HIGH

It is almost a tradition in the Czech Republic that a car with over 200,000 km on the odometer is unsellable. And whether the car is 15 or 4 years old the favourite mileage is between 150 and 180 thousand km.

The car seller always has a great story about his grandmother/grandfather who used the car only at weekends, the service history has been logged in perfect order. However, the reading is far from the real mileage. From the stats we can confirm that 85 percent of vehicles sold in the Czech Republic has a clocked odometer.

Today we look at how to identify the real mileage on Audi cars with the above mentioned system.

Audi cars keep record of their mileage using so called engine hours in the MMI system. When an optimalization is carried out – a mileage rollback, it is usually done only in the odometer. The more „expert“ do it also in the transmission and ABS where the data is stored as well. However, it is very difficult to modify the data in the MMI system and in 99 out of hundred cases no one does it.

Let’s take a look how we can really find out the actual mileage in an Audi.

We have done a video, or you can use this tutorial below:

turn the key to the contact position – so that the dashboard lights up. (see picture 1)


2. press keys SETUP and RETURN simultaneously = a hidden menu shows up (picture 2)


3. choose the feature „parameter“ – bottom left key (picture 3)


4. in the menu we select the bar called „OperTime: e.g. 5840:59 h (picture 4)


5. type in a calculator the whole number, thus: 5840 and multiply by 1.5

6. now in maxidot in a mode „2“, we identify average speed: e.g. 32 km/h (picture 5)


7. now we multiply an average speed with the number in point 5 and get a result – how many km the car has got

This way, we can readily find out if a car has a clocked odometer and if someone has optimized the actual mileage.

This count is based od motor hours but the result shouldn’t be very different from the dashboard mark. If the result is other than similar to the dashboard numbers, it is wise to be alert. Such a car has probably been optimized and has the odometer rolled back.

We hope these instructions help you with your next car purchase. We wish you many safe kilometres.

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