ADBLUE Renault Master and Opel Movano failure

adblue renault master

Opel Movano and Renault Master vehicles equipped with a Siemens SID321 control unit are already fully supported! Adblue fault, NOX fault and frequent errors DF051, DF073, DF045, DF021 – SCR AdBlue system and its faults in Renault Master vehicles adblue reset

Adblue failure – limp mode – Renault Master / Opel Movano >

Renault Master and Opel Movano vans with Euro 6 in all diesel engines are popular for their purchase price and their wide range of uses. Unfortunately, we very often encounter a malfunction of the AdBlue system. Frequent errors are especially with the urea injector, then the float and the NOx sensor. This results in limp mode and a mileage countdown until the vehicle does not start.

The most common error codes ADBLUE DF051, DF073, DF207, DF045, DF021, DF048, DF019, DF006, DF029 Renault Master – Opel Movano

It is important for customers to rely on trouble-free operation. Opel Movano and Renault Master vehicles have an emergency – spare mode with a maximum speed limit in the event of a fault in the SCR system – Adblue, and after a certain time they can no longer be started due to a faulty Adblue function. The repair of the SCR – adblue system is not exactly one of the cheapest, but a big problem is the unavailability of SCR spare parts and the repair time, which often extends to several weeks.

In the event that the Renault Master van is no longer drivable or has limited power, our technician will come to you and turn off adblue directly at your place – Renault Master adblue reset

  • Opel Movano and Renault Master vehicles equipped with the Siemens SID321 engine control unit are already fully supported!

Quantum Tuning offers exclusively and only for sports purposes the possibility of completely turning off the ADBLUE – SCR system including all components. It is therefore not necessary to carry out repairs to the Adblue system on the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a Siemens control unit. For older Renault Master models, these are Bosch EDC17. Reading and writing the ECU is possible via the diagnostic connector or using the BENCH process, without the need to open the control unit. engine. An SCR key can also be offered which can be mailed directly to the customer’s, installation is very easy.

Frequent faults with the SCR – ADBLUE system on Renault Master and Opel Movano vehicles

  • DF006 Voltage Control,Circuit Voltage Below Threshold
  • DF013 Air Temperature Sensor Circuit,Invalid Signal
  • DF021 Adblue Dosing Module Power Relay,General Fault
  • DF029 Nitrogen Oxide Exceedence
  • DF045 Adblue Dosing Module Computer,General Signal Failure
  • DF048 Adblue Dosing Module Computer
  • DF049 Adblue Dosing Module Computer,Missing Message Active
  • DF051 Adblue Dosing Module Catalyst,Component Failures Memory
  • DF072 Upstream Nitrogen Oxide Sensor,Open Circuit Memory
  • DF073 Nitrogen Oxide Exceedence,Component Failures Memory


We now offer complete deactivation of the AdBlue system for the latest Renault Master vehicles with a Siemens SID321 engine control unit. Deactivation of the AdBlue system renders the vehicle unfit for use on roads throughout Europe, North America and countries where functionality of AdBlue systems is required. This service is offered only and exclusively for sporting purposes or for use in countries that do not require a functional AdBlue system.

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