About us

The British company Quantum Tuning is one of the most respected chip tuning – or ECU remapping – companies in the market. In just 8 years, the company has been able to create a multinational network of tuning branches using its technology and precise tuning procedures.

Over 1000 accredited ECU tune-up partners in 53 countries around the world, with 3000 upgraded engines per month.

After professional training and passing the necessary exams, we became the exclusive certified partner of this multinational company for the Czech Republic.

Quantum prioritises using the latest technology and best procedures available in the tuning industry. Also, the company emphasises the need for continuous improvement and training up the teams of mechanics and technicians of all partner companies.

All our upgrades are thoroughly tested. A performance boost and torque optimization are always done for the given vehicle.

We enjoy strong back-office facilities and constant technical support provided by the British development team. Therefore, we can guarantee both reliability and high quality.

We love our job, we never rest on our laurels, and we are always trying to develop and improve our services.

There are many companies on the market – so why choose us?

  • every vehicle is taken care of individually
  • we have a lifelong warranty for our software
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • we don’t promise the moon, all our parameters are realistic
  • every customer receives a tuning exactly according to his or her needs
  • we’re the only tuners in the Czech Republic to offer a school of chip tuning / ECU remapping – we know our business inside out
  • we have branches in over 50 countries
  • we have over 1000 installation centres all around the world
  • every customer receives a VIP credit card, as a bonus – make money with CHIP TUNING!
  • hundreds of real and verified reviews
  • all upgrades are tested on a professional dynamometer
  • worldwide technical support
  • quality and satisfaction guarantee – we’re part of a multinational team
  • we closely cooperate with individual carmakers and their development teams

What makes us so good

It is essential for Quantum Tuning that all its partner companies provide perfectly executed upgrades. The Quality Management System ISO 9000 sets the highest standards when optimizing engines.

The secret of Quantum Tuning’s success is its people and attitude towards its partners. Quantum Tuning’s technologies and procedures are being used by over 1000 certified partners in 53 countries around the world. Quantum Tuning technologies and procedures are used by partners in, for example, France, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, the USA, Australia and Canada.


Customising your upgrade

All upgrades are adapted to the individual needs of every vehicle. For this reason, we’re able to provide a life-long warranty for upgraded software.

Money-back guarantee

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We’re confident that our work is the best. As a result, we’re the only company in the Czech Republic to provide a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event of dissatisfaction.

Technical support

Our team is ready to help you from 8 am to 5 pm every business day. We respond to your e-mails and other queries 7 days a week – even during evenings.