AdBLUE fault Mercedes Sprinter

Deactivation of the AdBlue system Sprinter

Adblue failure, NOX failure and frequent errors P13DF, P203B, P20FA, P208A, P1C6B, P2BA, P1C6, P229F, P20B9, P202A – scr system problems that can be very annoying…

Adblue error – emergency mode – Mercedes Sprinter >

Mercedes Sprinter vehicles with Euro 6 standard in all diesel engines are widely used not only by large companies. Error of the ADBLUE system and its part in the form of the adblue injector – urea, very frequent errors of the nox sensor and the malfunction of the ADBLUE control unit itself.

The most common ADBLUE error codes P13DF, P203B, P20FA, P208A, P1C6B, P2BA, P1C6, P229F, P20B9, P202A Mercedes Sprinter

It is important for customers to rely on trouble-free operation. Modern MB Sprinter vehicles, but in the event of an Adblue failure, have an emergency – spare mode with a maximum speed limit of 20 km/h, and after a certain mileage (approx. 900 km) a start limit – i.e. the vehicle will no longer start. Repairing the SCR – adblue system is very expensive, not only financially, but also in time.

If the vehicle is no longer drivable or has performance limitations, our technician will come to you and remove the adblue directly at your place

Quantum Tuning offers exclusively and only for sports purposes the possibility of completely turning off the ADBLUE – SCR system including all components. It is therefore not necessary to repair the system. The vehicle is usually equipped with a Bosch EDC17, Delphi CRD3 control unit or, in the case of the latest Mercedes cars, ref. Bosch MD1CP001/6. Reading and writing the ECU is possible via the diagnostic socket or using BENCH technology, without the need to open the engine control unit.

Frequent system glitches SCR – ADBLUE:

  • P13DF – The Adblue system has a malfunction
  • P203B – The AdBlue fill level sensor has a malfunction
  • P20FA – The output for the Adblue extraction has an electrical fault
  • P208A – The output for the AdBlue deliverz pump has an electrical fault
  • P1C6B – AdBlue system Warning stage 2
  • P2BA7 – Adblue system warning
  • P229F – The Emission limit for NOx concentration has been exceeded
  • P13F600 AdBlue(R) systemWarning:The engine cannot be started because of SCR faults
  • P1C7E00 – AdBlue(R) systemWarning stage3:The remaining driving distance and the vehicle speed are limited due to a malfunction SCR system.
  • P20B9 – The output for the heating element of AdBlue pressure line has an fault
  • P202A – Heating of AdBlue tank module has an fault


Deactivation of the AdBlue system renders the vehicle unfit for use on roads throughout Europe, North America and countries where functionality of AdBlue systems is required. This service is offered only and exclusively for sporting purposes or for use in countries that do not require a functional AdBlue system.

AdBLUE fault Mercedes Sprinter
AdBLUE fault Mercedes Sprinter
AdBLUE fault Mercedes Sprinter
AdBLUE fault Mercedes Sprinter
AdBLUE fault Mercedes Sprinter
AdBLUE fault Mercedes Sprinter