ADBLUE Mercedes Benz fault

Adblue failure, NOX failure and frequent errors P13DF, P13E4, P2BAD, P208C, P02ED, P229F, P2202, 15B7, 18B4, 16D3, 16D4, 13DF – system scr problems that can be very annoying…

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Mercedes Benz vehicles with Euro 6 in all diesel engines are very popular not only because of the engine performance, but also because of their very good PHM consumption. The problem is the ADBLUE system and its parts in the form of the urea feeder, very frequent errors of the nox sensor and the non-functionality of the SCR unit itself / ADBLUE.

The most common error codes ADBLUE P13DF, P13E4, P2BAD, P208C, P02ED, P229F, P2202, 15B7, 18B4, 16D3, 16D4, 13DF Mercedes Benz

And since these are already very modern vehicles, an emergency – replacement mode cannot be missing, or even an even more fun function, i.e. start limitation. After a certain number of kilometers, you simply cannot start the vehicle, and repairs to this system are usually very time-consuming in addition to the significant financial aspect.

In the event that the vehicle is no longer drivable or has limited performance, our technician will come to you and remove the adblue directly at your place

Quantum Tuning offers exclusively and only for sports purposes the possibility of completely turning off the ADBLUE – SCR system including all components. It is therefore not necessary to repair the system. The vehicle is usually equipped with a Bosch EDC17 control unit, or in the case of the latest Mercedes vehicles Bosch MD1CP001/6. Reading and writing of the ECU is possible via the diagnostic socket or using BENCH technology, without the need to open the control unit engine (ECU).

Common faults with the SCR system – ADBLUE:

  • P13DF – AdBlue system failure
  • P13E4 – Limited vehicle range until not started due to AdBlue failure
  • P204F – Adblue system fault
  • P20FA – Malfunction AdBlue pump
  • P20F5 – Adblue urea consumption is too high – possible leak detected.
  • P20E9 – AdBlue fault – bad pressure
  • P13DF – defect in the AdBlue system component
  • P1403 – AdBlue unit malfunction
  • P18BC – The upper value for SCR Adblue adaptation has been reached, AdBlue fault
  • P3006 – NoX – Adblue fault
  • P16D3 – Deduction of KM until the vehicle cannot be started due to an AdBlue defect
  • P16D4 – Prohibition of starting the vehicle after xx KM – Adblue fault
  • P16D5 – After driving xx km, the vehicle will not start Adblue fault
  • P1067 – The vehicle can no longer be started – Adblue fault


Deactivation of the AdBlue system renders the vehicle unfit for use on roads throughout Europe, North America and countries where functionality of AdBlue systems is required. This service is offered only and exclusively for sporting purposes or for use in countries that do not require a functional AdBlue system.

adblue mercedes system malfunction-mercedes-e-class
adblue mercedes system malfunction
adblue mercedes system malfunction
adblue mercedes system malfunction