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Chiptuning BMW 7 50i 331kw (450hp)

Engine type:Turbo Petrol
Maximum power:331 KW / 450 hp
Maximum torque:650 Nm
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Chiptuning Quantum Green Economy

Chiptuning Quantum Green Economy is a special version of the engine control software for BMW vehicles.

The engine maps for the 331 KW engine are adjusted by raising the torque at low speed.

It is therefore not a classic ECU remap for BMW, vehicles, all optimizations are made to minimaze consumption while maintaining driving dynamics.

Consumption Full Eco
Average fuel savings11 %
Price:15 590 CZK
Discount (%):21 %
You save:3 274 CZK
Final price:12 316 CZK
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Chiptuning Quantum Blue Optimal

 Original values After ECU remap Increase
Power331 KW375 KW44 KW
Torque650 Nm745 Nm95 Nm
Consumption Optimal Eco
Average fuel savings8 %
If you want a more fuel-efficient adjustment, select the ECONOMY ECU remap.
Price:15 590 CZK
Discount (%):21 %
You save:3 274 CZK
Final price:12 316 CZK
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Chiptuning Quantum Red Power

 Original values After ECU remap Increase
Power331 KW0 KW-331 KW
Consumption650 Nm Nm-650 Nm
Price:15 690 CZK
Discount (%):21 %
You save:3 295 CZK
Final price:12 395 CZK
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Quantum Extra services

Not all services listed below may be available for each vehicle type!

Chiptuning Quantum INDIVIDUAL

We offer the possibility of individual modification of your vehicle. After technical inspection and comprehensive diagnostics, we will prepare modifications for you. Based on your torque requirements and kw (hp), we will offer you the optimal solution for your financial budget.

We make engine modifications from sports T pistons to racing sharp cams and engine timing setting. Hybrid turbochargers, more powerful compressors, air coolers - intercoolers, oil coolers, tuned exhaust manifolds, complete downpipe systems, ceramic clutches with light flywheels. Of course there is a modification of other parts of the car such as sports chassis and a very important modification of the braking system. With mechanical adjustments, ultimate tuning of the engine map software within the ECU is then performed based on the required adjustments.

Start Stop OFF – Turn off the Start Stop system forever!

The system of automatic engine shutdown at intersections or standing in columns is one of the new bizarre elements of today's cars. In short, it is a system that, without your help, stops the engine when it is not needed and starts it again when it needs to start.

In addition, cars with a start-stop system usually have a stronger starter (to make starts faster) and a battery with a larger capacity. For some car brands, the system works correctly, but for some it is slow and delayed when starting off again, for others it turns off the engine even when it is not warm.

The start-stop system is not suitable for every driving style. However, not only for the European market, car manufacturers do not give customers the opportunity to decide whether they want this system in their vehicle. In the future it will be standard equipment of all cars. Nevertheless, everybody, even a customer who does not want it, will pay for it without exception. The impossibility of choice is considered absurd by many drivers.

Of course, the primary objective of this system is to reduce urban emissions and save fuel. However, both are at least questionable. If your driving style does not work together with the start-stop, fuel consumption may increase. Operation of this system may affect the life of the battery, alternator, starter and even the engine itself.

We offer the option of deactivating the start-stop system for selected vehicle types.

After deactivating the start-stop system, the engine will no longer automatically stop when the vehicle is stopped. This adjustment ensures that the starter, car battery and engine last longer.

The software modification of the system can be restored at any time and the start-stop function can be reactivated.

Disadvantages of the start-stop system:
  • shorter starter life
  • shorter battery life
  • shorter alternator life
  • turbocharger load
  • motor load

The current engines, which are designed for operation without a start-stop system, should handle about 50,000 starts over their lifetime. With the start-stop system this number increases up to several hundred thousand starts.

Price:3 990 CZK
Start STOP OFF & ECU REMAP - discount 50%:1 990 CZK

BMW cars, that have sport gauges in central module display with HP/NM can be recalibrated to suit new tuned software values, final customers will now be able to see that their car was "really" tuned by checking the new values on sport gauges...

Thanks to our adjustment, the sports display can be used perfectly.

Price:from 2 200 CZK
NSL - No Speed Limit - Speed Limiter OFF

Modern vehicles have a maximum speed set in the engine control unit. This limitation is also used, for example, for marketing reasons according to the hierarchy of individual brands or for lower power versions of the same engine.

Quantum Tuning offers shutdown, shifting up the maximum speed limiter, so that the vehicle is not limited by software in the engine control unit and can achieve a significantly higher maximum speed.

Price from:1 990 CZK
NSL + ECU Remap discount:from 500 CZK

Some cars have problem with flaps and repair costs are so expensive. This problem is most common for some VAG cars - Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi and Seat.

For our customers we offer the possibility to completely deactivate the flaps, disconnect them and completely disable their functionality. In this way, problems can be solved by many car owners who do not want to spend money on new swirl flaps and thus increase vehicle performance.

Turning off flaps falls into the category of sports adjustment (UpSU).

Price of the service:from 2 450 CZK
AGR - EGR OFF - Disable AGR / EGR valve

Exhaust gas recirculation valves have been introduced to the automotive market as a means of reducing gas emissions. Manufacturers have developed a method of recirculating exhaust gases already burned to the intake manifold to re-burn and thereby reduce their emissions, which is essentially a function of EGR valve. The main problem with this concept is that these flue gases carry a lot of engine oil and smoke, which after some time tends to block the suction pipe and reduce its efficiency dramatically.

EGR - abbreviation comes from English (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). AGR comes from German (Abgasrückführung).

The EGR OFF flue gas recirculation rejection service allows the adjuster to close the flue gas recirculation valve at all times to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the intake manifold and any related problems.

This additional service is intended solely for (UpSU) sports purposes. In case of deactivation of EGR valve the vehicle is not fit for road traffic and after its implementation the vehicle becomes technically unfit for traffic on road, according to Act No. 56/2001 Coll. on the conditions of operation of vehicles on the road.

Price of the service:from 2 990 CZK
DTC OFF - Disable diagnostic trouble codes

DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Code) are codes that define a detected problem in the vehicle. They are stored using the on-board diagnostic system. These codes help to identify a particular area of ​​the problem, each fault in the vehicle has a specific code number. The vehicle owner is alerted by a warning light on the dashboard to indicate a possible fault.

We offer the option of turning off DTCs and suppressing their repeated display (illumination) on the dashboard. We are able to deactivate up to 80% of various error messages.

This service is widely used in suppressing accidental defects of faulty car software (eg temperature sensor error in exhaust system on older vehicles, lambda sensor error, whose repairs are in the order of several thousand crowns, although these errors do not substantially affect the functionality of the vehicle) . Furthermore, when converting a car for any use.

Price:from 890 CZK
CVN Correct - Bypass the calibration verification number

The calibration verification number together with CALID (calibration identification) has been implemented in all OBDII-compliant electronic controllers. The calibration verification number is used to verify the integrity of the vehicle software and is used by manufacturers to determine if the calibration that is currently in the car is genuine. If the numbers do not match, this may invalidate the warranty. This can also be called a protection aid against ECU remap.

Fortunately, Quantum Chiptuning goes "with time" and we are currently able to keep the CVN calibration number as well as the number of engine control unit entries unchanged.

Thanks to our modification even after writing the engine control unit software - chiptuning/ECU remap - the original verification number of the calibration remains the same after increasing the performance of the car. When a car is handed over to the dealer for service, if they check the calibration verification number, it will have the same original number and the warranty for the vehicle will not be lost.

This service is currently available for Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, BMW, Mini. These Authorized Service Centers use CVN codes to verify the control of the original assembled software.

Price:from 2 590 CZK
With ECU-remap:FREE
Turning OFF Lambda/O2 probe

For our customers we offer the possibility of eliminating errors and completely deactivating - switching off the lambda sensor. This service is widely used when the catalytic converter is no longer functional and the vehicle signals a defect at the O2 lambda sensor. In the case of a turbocharged gasoline engine, we are able to turn off the rear lambda sensor for better performance.

Price of the service:from 1 990 CZK
Launch Control - Controlled start

Quantum Tuning offers start and slip control when starting on a car. It is a modification of the software in the engine control unit so that up to 4-6 km/h the speed is limited to 2,500 - 2,750 rpm. This will control the power transferred to the wheels until perfect traction is achieved, once the predetermined speed has been reached, the speed limiter will automatically switch to normal speed and the maximum power will be transmitted to the wheels.

Price of the service:from 1 990 CZK
IMMO OFF - Disables the immobilizer

The immobilizer is a very important part of the electronics of newer cars, ensuring that the vehicle cannot be stolen and offers the owner of the vehicle a degree of protection. However, on older vehicles, the customer needs to use a different engine control unit and the immobilizer prevents him from doing so. Quantum Tuning offers immobilizer deactivation for certain vehicle types.

Price of the service:from 3 450 CZK
Mass airflow - MAF / MAV - Mass Air flow sensor - switch off, deactivate

Deactivation of the intake air mass sensor (MAF / MAV) is definitely not recommended for normal operation. This is a very important sensor for fuel control.

Typically, on high-performance modified cars, the intake air flow sensor reading reaches its maximum value and touches the maximum allowable voltage read by the sensor, causing erroneous recording and the vehicle may be in emergency (limp) mode.

If this sensor is turned off, it is possible to disconnect the intake air flow sensor so that the car will operate without a pre - set emergency mode and can thus achieve greater performance.

MAF / MAV OFF - falls into the category of sports adjustment (UpSU).

Price of the service:from 1 990 CZK
RPM Limiter OFF

As the naming suggests, Quantum Tuning offers override, shifting the rpm limiter.

Our first solution turns off the complete rpm limiter in the full range and the vehicle will not have the maximum rpm limit. This feature is especially useful for uphill races or purely racing purposes. We definitely do not recommend this service for vehicles that run in normal traffic!

The second option is to set the maximum possible rpm to the desired value for specific vehicle models, because of the use of the vehicle - eg for an off-road special.

  • The rpm limiter can also be set directly to the desired value.
  • The rpm limiter can be switched off or disabled.

Switching off, changing the rpm limiter falls into the category of adjustments for sports - racing purposes.

Price of the service:from 2 990 CZK

ADBLUE OFF Emulator for cars, vans, trucks and agricultural machinery

We offer a comprehensive solution in case of problems with the ADBLUE system.

We have developed a device that is able to fully emulate and replace the ADBLUE system used in trucks, buses, vans and cars.

In the event that there is a defect in the Adblue system, a NOX sensor defect, a defective Adblue pump, a defective adblue control unit, we are able to shut down the system and emulate its flawless operation without repairing these components!

The AdBlue emulator fully replaces the functionality of the AdBlue system in trucks, agricultural machines and cars. The hardware (emulator) solution is connected to the wiring / line depending on the vehicle type. After connecting the AdBlue emulator it is possible to completely disconnect all components of the adblue system on the vehicle, including the Adblue system control unit, NOX sensor, pump, temperature probes, etc.

Our equipment can be deactivated or disconnected at any time. After disconnecting our device, the original AdBlue system is back in operation (if it is functional). Our equipment is set directly for each vehicle type and its VIN number. As a result, there are no faults on the vehicle. The vehicle diagnosis is fully functional and individual actuator tests and settings can be performed. If the vehicle already has a so-called limp mode or is already in emergency mode, the full power of the vehicle is restored when the adblue emulator is connected.

With our equipment, operating costs are reduced, and adblue urea is no longer need to tank. On the dashboard of the vehicle we are in most cases able to set the required amount of adblue according to customer requirements, usually 15% to 100% of the load.

Installation of our AdBlue emulator takes 2 - 4 hours depending on the vehicle type and the extent of the fault.

The second option is to turn off the adblue system directly in the engine control unit. This method is very effective and its advantage is its lifetime functionality. We are always happy to advise you which modification option is more suitable for your vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: If the AdBlue system is deactivated, the vehicle becomes unfit for road use throughout Europe, North America and countries where AdBlue systems are required to function.

This service is offered solely and exclusively for sporting purposes, parking your vehicle for the nearest service or for use in countries that do not require a functioning AdBlue system. Deactivation - switching off the Adblue system is always the responsibility of the vehicle operator (UpSU).

Price of the service:on request, according to vehicle type and AdBlue system
Throttle - Disable the throttle actuator

The throttle controls regulate the air or mixture for the internal combustion engine. Depending on the engine concept, they serve different purposes. In the case of petrol engines, they regulate fresh air metering, engine speed and output power.

Diesel engines usually do not need a throttle. In modern diesel cars, however, throttling the intake air facilitates precise EGR control and prevents engine vibration after the ignition is switched off. The throttle actuator is often associated with many problems.

Quantum Tuning now allows you to completely disable the throttle control and remove it from the engine electronic control unit.

The override of the throttle control falls into the category of sports adjustments.

Price of the service:from 2 890 CZK (depending on the vehicle type and engine control unit)
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  3. Technical inspection of the vehicle
  4. Engine control unit backup
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  2. Data backup to CD / USB
  3. Lifetime software warranty
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