QUANTUM TUNING – authorised Chip Tuning


Authorised chip tuning means remapping the car’s engine control unit. This is done in cooperation with individual carmakers. In addition to being tested on a professional dynamometer, our tunings are tested by car dealers and their own authorised repairers as well. This way we always have the latest technology available and are able to stay at the absolute top of the game.

There are plenty of companies providing ECU remapping, but top-quality companies are like gold dust. After a poorly done tuning, the engine, turbo or pistons may be damaged. An unprofessional performance boost in irregular waveform phases may also lead to higher emissions and subsequently to trouble during emission tests when getting your MOT.

An authorised ECU remapping / chip tuning is the only guarantee that your vehicle will be upgraded professionally.

We spend hours and hours talking to experts from the automotive field, we participate in seminars and workshops focused on engine development and discuss all necessary topics with mechanics and technicians working in authorised car services.

For many authorised repairers, we provide our work under their official logo.

Communication with our customers is essential because their satisfaction is paramount, and we’re always happy to get feedback and references.