BMW G series chip tuning is here! ECU Bosch MG1/MD1

There’s never enough good news, so let’s bring you some more, this time for owners of latest luxury BMW G series with a Bosch MG1 control unit for petrol engines and Bosch MD1 control unit for diesel.

After a couple of never-ending months, it’s finally possible to proceed with tuning chips in BMW G series cars, as well as those from the F series with the latest MG1/MD1 control unit. The advantage here is the possibility to perform the tuning through a diagnostic connector, i.e. the engine control unit doesn’t have to be disassembled and opened. Another great bonus is the option to read the security CVN code – and after the tuning process, we’re able to return this code to its basic position, together with the number of entries/writes in control unit. Meaning you don’t lose your warranty and the tuning is untraceable.

Bosch MG1 & MD1 control units are currently supported, and the read and write are done through the OBDII diagnostic interface. These units are fitted in the latest petrol and diesel engine cars from BMW. Diesel types are fitted with the BOSCH MD1 control unit and are fully available!

Tuning is currently available for these petrol engines:

BMW Series 1 140i F20-F21 250 kW MG1
BMW Series 2 240i F22-F23 250 kW MG1
BMW Series 5 540i G30-G31 250 kW MG1
BMW Series 6 640i G32 250 kW MG1
BMW Series X5 40i G05 250 kW MG1
BMW Series 7 740i G11 240 kW MG1
BMW Series 4 440i F32 240 kW MG1
BMW Series 3 340i F30-F31 240 kW MG1
BMW Series 3 340i F34 240 kW MG1
BMW Series X3 40i G01 265 kW MG1
BMW Series X4 40i G02 265 kW MG1
BMW Series 3 340i F30-F31 265 kW MG1
BMW Series 3 340i F34 265 kW MG1
BMW Series 4 440i F32-F33 265 kW MG1
BMW Series 4 440i F36 265 kW MG1
BMW Series 5 540i G30-G31 265 kW MG1

Tuning is currently available for the following diesel engines:

BMW F-series 16D
BMW F-series 18D
BMW F-series 20D
BMW G-series 18D
BMW G-series 20D
BMW G-series 30d
BMW G-series 40d
BMW G-series 50d
BMW Mini 1.5D B37
BMW Mini 2.0D B47

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