We also ECU remap trucks and commercial vehicles

Today, we’ll take a look at the most popular truck chip tuningthe ECU upgrade of the Daf XF105, Iveco Stralis 420/460, Volvo FH13 440/480 and Scania R420. What to be careful of and what are the important things to know when remapping the engine control unit.

Lately, the chip tuning trucks is becoming very popular. We’ll try and answer frequently asked questions, such as: why would you want to upgrade your truck’s ECU? What are the benefits? And, what needs to be done to avoid decreasing the life span of a turbocharger and other equipment.

Why upgrade your truck?

The basic question is: Why should you consider improving the power of your truck and what are the benefits? First, transport companies using trucks will benefit from their vehicles being more efficient. A non-moving truck is not profitable, so the ideal situation is when vehicles are coming and going fully loaded, making money full-time. Trucks Daf XF105,Iveco Stralis 420/460, Volvo FH13 440/480 and Scania R420 series are great examples of making savings on operational costs and optimising profits when operating commercial vehicles.

Our customers’ favorite is without a doubt the DAF XF105 460 and the Scania R420, which is the most often upgraded truck. The main reason is the vehicle’s better fuel economy, which decreases by 15–20%, saving thousands of euros annually. Another reason to undergo engine map optimisation is better torque, even at lower RPMs, so when the fully loaded truck is driving uphill its driving dynamics are distinctively better.

What does the upgrade itself look like?

Every tune-up is always optimised according to customer needs. First, some questions:

  • Is the vehicle used for international freight forwarding or only domestic?
  • What is the average weight of the truck’s load? Is the vehicle normally being slightly overloaded?
  • Is it equipped with an automatic or manual transmission?
  • What is the usual driving environment of the lorry (i.e. what are its normal routes)?

Authorised Quantum Chip Tuning is always based on technical data-sheets. This means we never exceed the maximum limits of the vehicle manufacturer, be they transmission torque, turbocharger compressor pressure or any other setting. All engine maps are identified by hand and controlled by a supervisor in our headquarters in London.

What does all this mean for the customer?

Our modifications are fully within the ISO standards of the Quantum super-national corporation, therefore our customer can be 100% sure that the upgrade will in no way damage his or her vehicle and is done according to strict rules, fully abiding by all technical specifications provided by the truck manufacturer.

30-day trial period to test the upgraded truck

Should you decide to have an upgrade from Quantum Tuning Czech Republic, you’ll get a 30-day trial period – you have a whole month to try the upgrade for free and, without giving any reason, you can come back and we will return your car to its original (before the upgrade) state, refunding the full price. This means you risk absolutely nothing and have a chance to test everything for free.

The process of ECU remapping for trucks

After you place the order, one of our engineers will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Our engineer usually comes right to customer’s doorstep and, according to the type of vehicle, carries out the reading and back-up of the engine control unit. Carrying out full diagnostics on the vehicle goes without saying. After that, the remapping is done. Once complete, all data is sent to our main headquarters in London, where the supervisor carries out a vendor inspection and the upgrade is certified with a Quantum Chip-Tuning status. Our engineer then inputs the data into the ECU. The customer receives a Quantum Chip-Tuning credit card, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of any of our authorised centers (there are more than 1,500 authorised Quantum Tuning centers around the world); the customer also receives a certificate of the upgrade and the original back-up of their ECU software from before the remapping was done. The whole remapping process takes 2–4 hours, depending on the type of truck and ECU.

Quantum Tuning offers ECU remapping for the following trucks: Daf,Iveco,Scania,Man,Mercedes,Renault,Volvo and many more…

Some of our references

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Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate and get in touch, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.
Quantum Team