Truck MAN TGS – TGX EURO 6 failure ADBLUE reset / SCR system


MAN TGX and MAN TGS trucks complying with the EURO 6 standard are equipped with a selective catalytic reduction system, denoted by the abbreviation SCR or more commonly known as Adblue. In the event of an AdBlue – SCR failure, the truck is in emergency mode, has no power, the maximum speed is usually limited to 20 km/h or, in certain cases, it cannot be started.

MAN TRUCK EURO-6 emergency key is a device used by MAN truck service centers when a broken down truck needs to be taken safely to the service center. After connecting the SCR key, the SCR system is disconnected, the vehicle has 100% power and there is no need to add AdBlue.

Difference between Adblue emulator and SCR key MAN TRUCK

It is currently possible to buy an abundance of Adblue emulators on the market that turn off selective catalytic reduction (SCR – ADBLUE). Some work, some less and some not at all…

Unfortunately, many MAN truck operators do not realize that after connecting the Adblue emulator, the particulate filter is destroyed due to the impossible dynamic regeneration of the DPF. Depending on the number of kilometers traveled and the load on the vehicle, it will solve the current problem with the Adblue system in the short term, but soon they are forced to invest considerable sums in a new DPF filter or in its regular cleaning.

The main advantages of SCR keys MAN TRUCK

This device is unofficially – an official MAN TRUCK device used by renowned MAN service centers. The MAN TRUCK SCR key is a device that completely shuts down the SCR system – ADBLUE selective catalytic reduction, but the particulate filter works perfectly. Thus, the opacity – smokiness of the truck remains the same and there is no reduction in the service life of the particulate filter. In the case of measuring the emission system for opacity – the smokiness of the vehicle – the opacity remains the same!

SCR key installation MAN TRUCK

Connecting the SCR key is very simple and connects to the connector that is in the engine part. Even if the vehicle is already in emergency – replacement mode, after switching on, all errors from the SCR system will be automatically deleted and the MAN truck will have full performance and be completely fault-free.

What faults are solved using the SCR key MAN TRUCK?

  • Adblue urea injection
  • NOx sensor fault (upstream, downstream)
  • Adblue level in the tank
  • fault on the d.j. SCR – selective catalytic reduction

SCR keys variants MAN TRUCK EURO6

1. variant of MAN TRUCK EURO-6 coding on the VIN of the vehicle

2. variant MAN TRUCK EURO-6 MULTILICENSE – can be connected to any MAN truck vehicle

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Deactivation of the AdBlue system renders the vehicle unfit for use on roads throughout Europe, North America and countries where functionality of AdBlue systems is required.
This service is offered only and exclusively for sporting purposes or for use in countries that do not require a functional AdBlue system.