ECU remap – VAG 2.0TDi Evo

chiptuning 2.0 tdi evo

It’s here, the development of modifications – ECU remap on 2.0 TDi EVO engines has already been completed and there is nothing to stop to increase the power on the new engines of the VAG concern.

Electronic rotation of the turbocharger blades results in more precise control. With automatic transmissions, it disables neutral driving – so-called sailing. In addition, the new 2.0TDi Evo engine has separate cooling for the block and head, and the water pump is electronically controlled. In the weaker 150 horsepower version, the circuits are controlled by two thermostats, in the stronger version 147kw – 200hp it is controlled electronically controlled by rotary valves. And that’s just a small list of what makes the new 2.0 TDi Evo engine really new.

The engine control unit is a Bosch MD1CS004 and does not need to be opened directly for reading and writing. This is a very comfortable intervention in the ECU. The increase in performance is definitely noticeable and the first response from our customers confirms to us why Quantum Chiptuning is a leader on the Czech market..

ECU remap takes approximately 4-5 hours.

Chiptuning 2.0TDi Evo
Chiptuning 2.0TDi Evo

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