Chip tuning – measuring with a dynamometer

A dynamometer reveals information about performance (kW) and torque (Nm) of your car. Additionally, it informs you about the performance curve of the car. All this information will also help you improve gear shifting, telling you when it’s best to change gear at a higher RPM and when not.

Whatever tuning you choose, Quantum Tuning Czech Republic offers the option to perform a professional MAHA dynamometer measurement. We closely collaborate with Skoda auto, as they are the best in the Czech Republic. At their facility, we have access to the most precise MAHA dynamometer in the Czech Republic for performance up to 750 hp. The dynamometer can measure vehicles with both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

Why isn’t measurement on a dynamometer already covered in the original price?

Many customers ask us whether dynamometer measurement is included in the basic chip tuning service. The answer is NO. Now, let us explain why dynamometer measurement cannot be covered by the original price and why you need to pay extra.

If you opt for the Quantum Tuning Czech Republic ECU remapping, you will get the best possible tune-up of your car, period. The original price is calculated according to the car’s ECU type and all the difficulties that come with the upgrade itself. Some types of ECU enable you to read and write via onboard diagnostics (OBDII). Other ECU types need to be removed from the car to be upgraded (i.e. be chip-tuned).

However, the full price is not solely related to the chip tuning. There is the ECU communication-protocols upgrade, happening 2x a week, for older and brand new cars alike. All our equipment used for tuning is homologated, and, in contrast to cheaper devices, cannot cause the death of your engine control unit (ECU). The difference in acquisition prices between equipment that is or is not homologated is astonishing. Similarly, instant access to the latest technology, communication protocols, as well as workshops and seminars does not come cheap.

Some of our customers have the unfortunate experience of letting other companies carry out unauthorised access to their ECU. The worst scenario here is the death of the ECU. In such cases of ECU death, the customer has to wait for about 2 months to get a new control unit for his or her currently useless car.

Let’s sum up what you get for the average price of approx. 8,000 CZK to remap your ECU (chip tuning):
the best available technology, latest communication protocols for communication with your ECU, specific firmware adjustment (each control unit firmware is different), manual (never automatic) engine map search based on ECU NR, spare and ECU NR update, comprehensive vehicle diagnostics done before and after the upgrade, test drive before the tuning is done, test drive after the tuning is done (with the customer), data back-up, 30-day guarantee for customer satisfaction, professional approach, consultation in the case of any issues, and an ECU remapping certificate valid in more than 53 countries around the world.

If the customer is interested in MAHA dynamometer measurement, a total of 5,000 CZK will be added to the ECU upgrade cost.
For this price, two professional engineers responsible for the comprehensive diagnostics of your car will devote their time to you. The first measurement then follows. After that, the ECU remapping – or chip tuning – is performed. Then, another measurement of the upgraded vehicle is made on the dynamometer. The customer can choose to be present the whole time, watch everything and ask the engineers any question regarding the process. The whole process takes about 4–5 hours.

It is for each customer to decide whether to opt for this measurement service before and after the tuning is done. Of course, it’s also possible to use other more convenient places for a dynamometer reading and have the performance of your upgraded car measured independently.

Quantum Tuning Czech Republic is a company that upgrades more than 3,000 cars every month. Every engine and every tuning we offer has been measured at least once on a dynamometer. Therefore, this measuring process is not absolutely necessary for the customer.

Final thoughts

Let me end this article with some thoughts on cowboy chip tuning companies whose professionalism is all smoke and mirrors.

As the proverb goes: “DUO CUM FACIUNT IDEM, NON EST IDEM”, or in plain English, “When two do the same, it’s not the same”. On the internet, there are companies offering engine map optimisation (chip tuning) for prices around 4–5 thousand CZK, including measuring performance. The average price of a high-quality MAHA test-room is around 2,500,000 CZK, including all equipment. Yes, that’s right, two-and-a-half million Czech crowns (approx 100,000 EUR).

Another proverb goes: „I DON’T WANT A DISCOUNT FOR FREE“. If we did not pay for access to the latest communication protocols and technologies and used cheap and risky flashers (devices responsible for writing data into the ECU) with a high risk of damaging the ECU, if we simply left out any car diagnostics and performed cheap measuring (always showing different results), if the tuning itself was done by staff without proper training and was carried out in just a general way – downloaded from the internet, not focused on a particular engine – then yes, we could do it for five thousand CZK as well.

At Quantum Tuning Czech Republic, we believe that a high-quality, professional job must be the way forward for ECU remapping, aka chip tuning. We aren’t cheap, and we don’t want to be either. We want to provide the highest possible quality, take pride in our work, and have as our main reward satisfied and enthusiastic customers.

ECU measurement of the VW caddy 20TDI on a dynamometer

of ECU measurement of a VW caddy 20TDI on a dynamometer – chart

Chip Tuning the Skoda Octavia on a dynamometer

Chip Tuning the Skoda Octavia on a dynamometer – chart

Chip Tuning the Porsche Cayman on a dynamometer

Chip Tuning the Porsche Cayman on a dynamometer – chart

Chiptuning the Ford Fiesta 10 eco-boost on a dynamometer

Chiptuning the Ford Fiesta 10 eco-boost on a dynamometer – chart

Chip Tuning the BMW M3 on a dynamometer

Chip Tuning the BMW M3 on a dynamometer – chart

Chip Tuning the BMW M2 235 on a dynamometer

Chip Tuning the BMW M2 235 on a dynamometer – chart

Chip Tuning the BMW 4 435D on a dynamometer

Chip Tuning the BMW 4 435D on a dynamometer – chart

Chip Tuning the BMW 3 on a dynamometer

Chip Tuning the BMW 3 on a dynamometer – chart

Chip Tuning the Audi S3 on a dynamometer

Chip Tuning the Audi S3 on a dynamometer – chart