Better fuel efficiency


We offer an engine control unit software upgrade focused on fuel efficiency. Quantum tuning offers three levels of upgrade.

The Quantum GREEN ECONOMY variant is focused on achieving the best running costs for your car, van or lorry.


With this upgrade we focus on emission standards and optimising engine curves to improve on combustion efficiency, all while taking into account the locality in which the vehicle will be operated. We are proud to say that our optimizations have been used in the homologation of vehicles that did not meet required EURO norms – vehicles such as the Dodge Ram or UAZ. These authorised car dealers contacted us with a request to optimise engine software in the above vehicles to comply with the Euro 5 norm. With this upgrade torque and performance are only mildly improved.

Here, you can roughly calculate your average annual fuel savings for yourself, should you decide to use our services.

Let`s find out, how much money, you can save …