More Power


We provide an engine control unit software upgrade focused on boosting vehicle performance. Quantum Tuning offers two different levels of performance boost: Quantum BLUE OPTIMAL and Quantum RED POWER. The first variant is meant for customers whose vehicles generally have basic settings – there are no additional engine upgrades, etc. This variant offers an appreciable performance boost together with better fuel efficiency. The second variant is for those who prefer achieving the maximum power and potential of their vehicle and do not care about fuel efficiency.


This variant falls into the authorised chip tuning category – safe tuning for a great driving experience, a noticeable power increase, and better fuel efficiency.

We recommend this variant to all customers who want to save money, but at the same time enjoy the potential of their vehicle. Overtaking is safer and engine performance considerably better – those are the characteristics of the service. A pleasant extra is achieving 10% better fuel efficiency, depending on driving style.

We are confident with the quality of our services; therefore, we offer a three-week trial period! The upgrade consists of optimising engine performance maps and torque settings. These improvements are also offered by authorised car dealers under their own name.


This variant has been created for true racers, people who need maximum performance and don’t care about efficiency. With this variant fuel consumption may rise, depending on your driving style.

If requested, we’re able to recommend additional mechanical improvements to a customer’s vehicle for even better performance. Even though this upgrade is always thoroughly tested, the vehicle must always be in perfect technical condition.

Due to its worldwide branch network, Quantum Tuning has access to the latest technology. This means we can provide the highest possible level of services.

Let`s find out, how much power, you can get from Your car …