Client reviews

What our customers have written about us? You can find their own experience with chipped cars from us clearly in the timeline or in the categories of reviews from, Google Places, nebo Facebook. If you are interested in the modified vehicles of our clients themselves take a look at the page Reference.

Recenze v čase

Kvě 03

Rudol Brunay

Dub 26

Karel Semelka

Dub 25

Milan Legát

Dub 21

Jano ST

Dub 18

Radim Tomek

Dub 15

Richar Ričií Kučera

Bře 25

Tomáš Rasejev

Bře 20

Vít Čupr

Bře 15

Jindřich Musil

Bře 09

Jaroslav Brezina

Bře 09

jaroslav steinbauer

Bře 08

Tomas Prucha